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Texas Rivers Need Your Help

Texas rivers have always flowed through the land and lives of the people who depended on them for food, agriculture, recreation and transportation. But now, most of our rivers have been dammed, diverted, polluted, channelized or fenced in.

Texas Rivers will:

  • Protect the flow, water quality and natural beauty of the rivers of Texas

  • Promote the safe and wise use of Texas rivers

  • Develop an awareness of the rights of the public to use navigable rivers and an awareness of the rights of riparian landowners to be protected from trespass and other intrusions; Promote mutual respect between river users and landowners for each other's legal rights

  • Foster an awareness and respect for diverse natural waterway environments

  • Educate its members and the public concerning conservation and preservation of Texas rivers and streams, and to perform such related educational services within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (3), IRC

  • Acquire property and/or easements that provide its members, and the public, access to Texas rivers and streams

The members of the Texas Rivers Protection Association are concerned about the quality of our remaining natural rivers and we invite you to join in our efforts...

Several years ago, a coalition of Texas conservation and recreation groups began to work to protect the diverse natural rivers of Texas. These groups continue to work together to protect our Texas Rivers.

During these efforts, Texas rivers have gained a broad and diverse band of supporters. In 1989, the coalition decided the time had arrived to incorporate formally and apply for non-profit, 501(c)4 status. In 2004, a conversion to 501(c)3 tax deductible status was granted. In 2001, TRPA acquired acreage and access easements at historic Hidalgo Falls on the Brazos River near Navasota.  Memberships are available for both groups and individuals. TRPA leadership is made up of pro-river activists from across the state representing landowner coalitions, conservationists, canoe clubs, and fishing associations.

Won't you join our efforts?

A whole river is mountain country and hill country and flat country and swamp and delta country, is rock bottom and sand bottom and weed bottom and mud bottom, is blue, green, red, clear, brown, wide, narrow, fast, slow, clean, and filthy water, is all the kinds of trees and grasses and all the breeds of animals and birds and man that pertain and have ever pertained to its changing shores...

John Graves
Goodbye to a River

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Rio Vista Dam on the San Marcos

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