TRPA Membership Renewal / Application Form

Print this form and mail with payment to:

Texas Rivers Protection Association
444 Pecan Park Dr.
San Marcos, TX 78666

Are there any address or telephone changes since last renewal? No___ Yes___

Name: ________________________________________________

Street:_______________________________ Apt. No.: _________

City: _____________________ State: ___ Zip: ________

Telephone: Home (___) ___- ____ ; Work (___) ___ -_____

Fax: (_____) _____- ______ ; Late faxes are OK: Yes No

Email address: __________________ @ _________________
Check here if e-mail version of newsletter is sufficient _____

_____New Membership; _____Renewal Membership

Type: ___Regular ($10); ___Protector ($25); ___Guardian ($50);

___Ranger ($100); ___Bronze ($500); ___Silver ($1000); ___Gold ($5000)
Term of Membership: Expires one year from receipt of payment

Texas Rivers Protection Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donations and membership dues are tax deductible.

All members receive a bumper sticker, notices and newsletters and get to vote at general meetings.  Protectors also receive a cloisonne pin with our emblem. Guardians receive the pin and either a logo cap or logo t-shirt or "Texas Whitewater: The DVD". Rangers receive all four. Guardians need to indicate their choice (cap or t-shirt or ) and Rangers and Guardians wanting t-shirts should indicate their size (M, L, XL, or XXL).

Protectors, Guardians, Rangers, Bronze, Silver, Gold

Please send the following:

Protector: ____Cloisonne Pin

Guardian: ____Pin and ___Cap or ___DVD or ___T-shirt (Size ___M, ___L, ___XL, ___XXL)

Ranger thru Gold: ____Pin and ___Cap and ___DVD and ___T-shirt (Size ___M, ___L, ___XL, ___XXL)

Check here if you want a new bumper sticker____

Check here if you do not want to receive any merchandise ____