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Dams, Golf Courses, 4X4's, Cleanups, Meetings, and Whitewater Festivals

It's an exciting time for the river protection business in Texas. Here are a few things that are going on:

We're busy, and we need your help. If you are excited about all the things that are going on - things like the purchase of access at Hidalgo Falls, things like river cleanups, water rights battles to protect our rivers, and fights to remove obsolete dams - why not take a second right now to show your appreciation. Join (or rejoin) the Texas Rivers Protection Association. Chances are you'll never get as much bang for your buck. That's because the TRPA has no paid staff, no building to rent, and very little office expense. The phone rings at the home of our president and the e-mails go there, the mail comes to his mailbox. With most other organizations, all of these things cost money.

For as little as $10 per year, you can support a worthy cause and get three or four of these newsletters to boot!

Of course, if you feel led to donate more than the minimum amount of $10, we will be glad to accept any amount you want to send.

Remember, the rivers of Texas belong to you. You need to get out and enjoy them. You need to take other folks out and introduce them to their rivers. And you need to do your part to protect these rivers. Thanks.

Tom Goynes

Cummings Dam Blowout

San Marcos River Dam Damaged by Flood


A flood in November of 2001 removed what was left of the timbers that ordinarily filled the slot in the center of Cummings Dam. The structure, located approximately six miles downstream of San Marcos, was once used to generate electricity. Now obsolete and in bad repair, the dam poses a danger to river recreationists and it limits the range of habitat of the endangered wild rice and fountain darters that live in the river. Wild rice and fountain darters prefer rivers with current - not impoundments of warm, stagnant water.

There is no question that the removal of the dam would improve habitat for federally endangered species, so the United States Fish and Wildlife Service has taken an active role toward the possible removal of the dam. After several years of unsuccessful efforts to remove Spring Lake Dam on the upper San Marcos, TRPA will be watching this issue closely and keep you informed. In the meantime, boaters should exercise extreme caution when running this section of river. Be sure to get out to portage a safe distance above the dam on the right side.



Guadalupe Golf Course Report

TRPA has been involved in a public hearing to try to block the issuing of a water rights permit by the state of Texas to a developer on the Upper Guadalupe who wants to water a new golf course with river water. The process is long and costly (see the legal fees of over $14,500 spent this year). At the moment, we are waiting for the decision of the administrative law judge. Once she rules, the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission will decide the final outcome.

If granted, the developer would be able to pump 350 acre-feet of water annually from an already overappropriated river. This permit also involves an upstream diversion contract between the developer and the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority. In effect, the GBRA will be selling Canyon Lake water before it gets to Canyon Lake. Other such permits waiting in the wings include permits of as much as 4500 acre-feet for the city of Kerrville (over 100 miles upstream of Canyon lake). These permits are on hold until the entities see how TNRCC deals with this one.

TRPA is committed to do everything in its power to maintain healthy flows in the rivers of Texas. Please help us in this process. Send in your dues, or an extra contribution today!


Financial Report 2001

Beginning Balance, 1/1/01 $26,793.59

Contributions received 34,394.83

Interest received 135.29

Subtotal $61,323.71


Hidalgo Falls $33,135.99

Lawyer (Guad Golf Course) 14,510.29

T-shirts 768.00

Flow meter 707.92

Newsletter 180.77

Postage 316.14

Power Supply (computer) 184.29

River Network (dues) 100.00

Medina Clean-up 256.00

Office Supplies 148.57

Printing 19.02

Total expenses $50,326.99

Ending Balance 12/31/01 10,966.72

Money earmarked for Hidalgo Falls 502.23

Money available $10,464.49


OR V Having Fun Yet?

Imagine that you're paddling down your favorite river. The sun is shining, the birds are singing. Suddenly you hear a roar coming up the river toward you. Is it a jet boat? Is it a plane? No, it's an off road vehicle. And it's about to ruin your peaceful day and your favorite river.

On rivers all over the western part of the state, ORV's have become the rage. Clubs have formed in some small towns and in the big cities that promote outings to rivers like the Nueces (above). Campouts, beer parties, and (due to increased opposition) even "river cleanups" are being held to promote this "family" sport.

Some have compared ORVers to canoeists and kayakers and have suggested that all river recreationists share a common need to preserve the public's right to access state owned streambeds. But in fact, traditional river users are quite different from this group. It is very possible to paddle down a pristine river and leave it just as we found it. But an ORV, by its very nature destroys the resource just by being there. TRPA is currently working with landowners, river authorities and legislators to stop this wanton destruction of our rivers.



March 2, 2002

On Saturday, March 2, 2002, folks from all over Texas will be participating in the world's longest river clean-up. We will be picking up trash along the entire length of the San Marcos River (approximately 90 miles). Everyone is urged to help. If you are unable to participate in the water, we need volunteers to work the banks of the river, especially at parks and highway crossings.

We are asking paddlers to accept the challenge and volunteer for a section of river. If your group or club has not already been assigned a section, be sure to contact Tom Goynes and tell him what stretch you would like. The upper sections of the San Marcos River, particularly just downstream of the City of San Marcos, will require the most attention, and the short mileages set for these sections reflect this. Furthermore, the river becomes less accessible and more hazardous as one goes downstream. For that reason, novice boaters should volunteer for either section 1 or 2 and more experienced boaters for the other sections. The lower river, from Luling to Gonzales, has several long sections with few bridge crossings and for that reason, we are asking canoe racers and especially teams that have competed in the Texas Water Safari in the past to volunteer for sections 9 - 11.

Everyone participating in this event is invited to camp free at either Shady Grove Campground/Spencer Canoes or at Pecan Park Retreat for the weekend. Starting at 6 p.m. on Saturday evening there will be a free barbecue for participants at Shady Grove/Spencer Canoes. It should be noted that the party will terminate by midnight to allow the rest of the workers some time to sleep. On Sunday morning at 8 a.m., there will be a non-denominational Christian worship service at Pecan Park Retreat. Everyone is welcome.

A group meeting will be held for everyone working sections 3 through 7 at 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning at Spencer Canoes. Groups working sections 8 - 11 will arrange their shuttles as early as possible Saturday morning and try to put in the river by 9:00 a.m. Persons working sections 1 and 2 will meet at City Park in San Marcos at 10:00 a.m.

Together we can clean up the whole river and make a strong statement to the public about our love for free flowing streams. Please help us out,

Tom Goynes (coordinator) 512-392-6171 Goynes@centurytel.net


Section Contact:

1 San Marcos City Park to Thompson's Island (2 mi.) Tom Goynes: 512-392-6171; Goynes@centurytel.net

2 Thompson's Island to Pecan Park Retreat (3.5 mi.) Tom Goynes: 512-392-6171; Goynes@centurytel.net

3 Pecan Park Retreat to Spencer Canoes (6 mi.) Houston Canoe Club: Ann Derby: 713-491-3973; MADerb@aol.com

4 Spencer Canoes to Staples - Hwy 1977 (5 miles) Jeff Pines: 512-443-2870; txpine@swbell.net

5 Staples to Fentress - Hwy 20 (9 miles) Austin Paddling Club: Jeff Bauknecht: 512-303-3949; kayak999@juno.com

6 Fentress to Stairtown (7miles) Bayou City Whitewater Susan Eda: 713-465-8711 sseda@mail.esc4.com

7 Stairtown to Luling - Hwy 90 (6.5miles) Needs adoption! Tom Goynes: 512-392-6171; Goynes@centurytel.net

8 Luling 90 to Luling City Park (6 mi.) Alamo City Rivermen David Reichert: 210-545-0548;reichert@world.std.com

9 Luling City Park to Palmetto State Park (14.4 mi.) TCRA Ginger Turner: 512-459-5742; gingerct@juno.com

10 Palmetto to Gonzales Hwy 90A (14.8 miles) TCRA Ginger Turner: 512-459-5742; gingerct@juno.com

11Gonzales 90A to Gonzales 183 (10 mi.) TCRA Ginger Turner: 512-459-5742; gingerct@juno.com



First Annual Hidalgo Falls Festival

The first annual Hidalgo Falls River Festival will be held on Sunday, April 21, at the TRPA Hidalgo Falls property on the Brazos River near Navasota. This property was purchased last year to preserve access for paddlers. Dealer representatives, outfitters, and exhibitors who will have participated in the Houston PaddleFest the day before are planning to pack up in Houston on Saturday afternoon and come up to Hidalgo to camp and set up that night. Early the next morning (around 8:30) there will be a 12-mile flatwater downriver race (which could end up being simply a more leisurely float trip for some) ending at the rapids. A whitewater slalom race will begin at 1 p.m., and a whitewater rodeo around 2:30. Throughout the day there will be exhibits, demos, and classes. For information on the event, contact the following people:

Downriver race/float trip: James Williams 979-776-5530

Slalom race: Scott Coultas Scott.coultas@chamberlainlaw.com

Whitewater rodeo: Bruce Litton dbl93@ev1.net

Exhibits and demos: Ben McCue benmccue@hotmail.com

Classes: Patti Carothers swpaddle@swbell.net

Overall coordination: Steve Daniel Sdaniel@philosophy.tamu.edu

Information about the location of Hidalgo Falls, TRPA ownership, pictures, etc. can be found at the Hidalgo Falls website: http://www-phil.tamu.edu/~sdaniel/hidalgo.html

Free primitive camping is available at the TRPA property (limited toilet and water facilities available). For information on Navasota motels, contact Steve Daniel.



Kayak Lessons to Benefit Hidalgo Falls Fund

David and Debbie Power would like to add a unique opportunity to the celebration of the purchase of Hidalgo Falls. Experience some of the very best available kayak instruction in this special place. For all of those who would like to learn to enjoy the Falls to the utmost, take the one class for intermediate whitewater paddling that will include surfing, slalom, the latest (safest) rolls, and many new developments in paddlesports techniques and tricks. For those who are just getting started with whitewater try a beginning whitewater course as a one day sampler on Saturday April 20 in Houston, or as three day, "Classic," kayak course with the finale at Hidalgo Falls (water permitting). These courses will introduce and practice the fundamental skills and safety techniques (including the newest Eskimo roll) for becoming an excellent paddler. The cost for these classes is $90 for the one day Sampler, and $260 for the three day Beginner and Intermediate Kayak Classics (which include boats, and gear and begin Friday evening). The proceeds will benefit the Hidalgo Falls fund, and the classes will fill on a first come first served basis. To make your reservations call the David and Debbie Power Olympic Outdoor Center toll free at 1 866 222 7998 or contact http://www.RedRiverRacing.org. Instructors will include international paddlers and instructors who are some of the few to be instructor certified by both USA Canoe/Kayak and the American Canoe Association including: Michelle Clements, Jason Thibodeaux, and Olympian Ben Kvanli.

TRPA Annual Meeting

On Sunday, March 3 at 10 a.m. the Texas Rivers Protection Association will hold it's annual general meeting. We will meet in Pecan Park Retreat if the weather permits; if it doesn't, we'll meet in the home of Tom and Paula Goynes (which also happens to be the campground office).

There will be an election of officers and board members and we will discuss ongoing river issues. Everyone is welcome to attend. We hope to adjourn by 1 p.m., at which time there will be a short meeting of the Texas River Recreation Association.


To get to Pecan Park Retreat: coming from Interstate 35 in San Marcos, get on Highway 80 and head toward Luling for 1.8 miles. Take a right on county road 101. Immediately take a left onto county road 102. Go 1/2 mile on 102 and take a right on Pecan Park road. Our road will be asphalt for a little ways then it will turn to gravel. Keep going straight until you come to a bend in the road. Follow the arrow to the left, then go through the gate and down the hill. If the weather is bad we will meet at the Goynes home, it's the campground office. For more info call Tom Goynes at 512-392-6171 or visit the website for the campground at: http://www.pecanparkretreat.com


San Marcos River Foundation Applies for Major Water Right to Protect Flow

(Excerpted from the TP&WD news release, August 13, 2001)

TIVOLI, Texas - The lush estuary where the Guadalupe River flows into San Antonio Bay is the ecological foundation of a multi-million-dollar sport and commercial fishery, sustaining a web of diverse wildlife that includes the endangered whooping crane. The fate of the estuary may hinge in part on a history-making proposal from a conservation group that wants to buy water and leave it in the river.

San Antonio Bay is a workplace for hundreds of families who make their livings as commercial anglers or recreational fishing guides. A Texas A&M University study conservatively estimated that in the Guadalupe Estuary counties of Calhoun, Matagorda, Victoria and Refugio, bay and estuary inshore and offshore fish landings generated about $20 million providing 497 jobs in 1995.

The bay is a paradise for tens of thousands of sport anglers, boaters, birders and others drawn to the region by its natural abundance. Texas Parks and Wildlife dockside interviews show about 100 recreational fishing guides who work out of the bay. The same A&M study estimated 1995 travel spending in the region at $154 million, fueled by recreational fishing, boating, swimming, birding and other activities. The figure includes anglers plying the waters for red drum, trout or tarpon, and birders who come from around the world to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge on San Antonio Bay, where the world's only wild whooping crane flock depends on blue crabs that depend on the Guadalupe Estuary.

But there could be trouble in paradise. Freshwater flows down the Guadalupe River to the sea have slowed steadily in recent decades as more people draw more water upstream. The ecology of the estuary depends on salinity gradients, a balance of salt and fresh water that evolved over millions of years.

In a prescient policy move, more than a decade ago the Texas Legislature directed state scientists to study the effects of freshwater inflows on Texas bays and estuaries and develop recommendations as to how much freshwater is necessary to protect their health. In 1998, Texas Parks and Wildlife completed research that determined 1.15 million acre-feet of water is the lowest freshwater inflow target value that fulfills the biological needs of the estuary on a seasonal basis. (An acre-foot is an acre of water one foot deep or 326,000 gallons.)

To protect the Guadalupe Estuary, the San Marcos River Foundation has applied for a water right permit targeting the exact amount identified in the TPW freshwater inflow study. In addition, the foundation has applied for 157,459 acre-feet to protect the San Marcos River, for a total of 1.3 million acre-feet per year. The 16-year-old conservation group of more than 250 members has put its money where its mouth is, anteing up a $25,000 application fee as part of its water right permit application, the first stage in a long process that may cost many times that amount.

"We are very concerned that there's not going to be enough water left for basic survival of the river and the estuary," said Dianne Wassenich, San Marcos River Foundation president. "It's become apparent in the past 10 years that during short dry spells not enough water is reaching the estuary to keep the salinity correct to keep creatures like the blue crab stable, and it's hurting the whooping crane."

For more information on the San Marcos River Foundation or its water right application, contact Wassenich at by phone (512) 393-3787 or by e-mail (wassenich@sanmarcos.net). For information on Texas Parks and Wildlife water research, contact Cindy Loeffler at (512) 912-7015 or by e-mail (cindy.loeffler@tpwd.state.tx.us).

Texas Rivers Protection Association

Election, 2002

Officers and board members of the TRPA serve two-year terms. Our by-laws state: "Election of the officers and other members of the board shall be conducted by mail prior to the annual meeting in such a manner as the Board of Directors shall determine."

This ballot contains a list of the current officers and board members who have agreed to serve another term. It also contains blank spaces for all offices and board positions, allowing write-ins for some or all positions. Immediately prior to the annual meeting on Sunday morning, March 3, 2002, at 10 a.m. (at the pavilion at Pecan Park Retreat) members present will discuss additional nominations or changes since this ballot was sent out. Members present will fill in their ballots and these ballots will be counted along with those ballots that have been received in the mail. A committee selected from persons present at that time will count the ballots. Once the election is over, the annual meeting will begin.

If you intend to be present at the meeting on Sunday, March 3, please bring this ballot with you. If you cannot attend, but wish to vote in this election, please fill in this ballot and return it. Make sure that your dues are paid, and that the backside of this page either has your mailing label affixed or the application filled out. Your vote will be private, but we need to verify that everyone voting is a paid member, so we will look at the labels first, then all the ballots will be turned over and the votes privately counted.

Officers: [ ] check here or write in candidate

President [ ] Tom Goynes (Martindale) __________________

Vice President [ ] David Reichert (San Antonio) __________________

Secretary [ ] Leslie Redwine (San Marcos) __________________

Treasurer [ ] Duane TeGrotenhuis (Martindale) __________________

Board of Directors:

[ ] Mark Andrus (Angleton) __________________

[ ] David Davenport (New Braunfels) __________________

[ ] Ann Derby (Houston) __________________

[ ] John Dunn (Austin) __________________

[ ] Rich Grayson (Dallas) __________________

[ ] Jim Hatcher (Fort Stockton) __________________

[ ] Ed Lowe (Dallas) __________________

[ ] Anne Olden (Houston) __________________

[ ] Jeff Pine (Austin) __________________

[ ] Michael Van Winkle (Kerrville) __________________

[ ] Fred Zagst (Marble Falls) __________________



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