Texas Rivers Takes a Stand on NBOL /

Supports Guadalupe River Road Alliance

TRPA Directors have voted to oppose the proposed New Braunfels Outer Loop (NBOL) at Second Crossing over the Guadalupe River (about a mile upstream of Hueco Falls). Adding substance to this statement of opposition, Directors also voted to donate $500 seed money to Guadalupe River Road Alliance (GRRA) and allow TRPA donors to designate tax deductible donations strictly for GRRA. TRPA did this for the Center Point Rock Crusher fight in recent years.

There were some questions how opposing a highway and supporting landowners that allow no public boater access fits within the TRPA mission. But saving rivers sometimes creates strange bedfellows. In the end, two Texas Rivers mission statements seem approprite to this situation:

  • Protect the flow, water quality and natural beauty of the rivers of Texas
  • Foster an awareness and respect for diverse natural waterway environments   

This section of the NB Outer Loop highway, also known as the Western Loop, crosses undeveloped land having sensitive environmental features such as Edwards Aquifer recharge zones, habitat for threatened and endangered species, and caves in proximity of the river.

The impervious cover could cause great harm by destroying sensitive habitat, polluting the Edwards Aquifer - the source of drinking water for one million people - and the Guadalupe River both from run-off and through inflows from the Aquifer. 

Impacts to the river, trout fishery, the environment, recreation, and land use were never a consideration of the TXDoT plan for the Loop. Although over $2,750,000 has been spent on the NBOL Study, no formal environmental studies have been done. TXDoT has no plans to do formal environmental studies before the New Braunfels City Council will be asked to vote on this matter.

The Edwards Aquifer Authority has deemed the River Road area to be environmentally sensitive because of the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone, the water source for over one million Texans including New Braunfels. 40% of the proposed Loop Road would be in the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone.

TRPA is not opposed to progress. Directors have studied the proposed route and are prepared to offer alternative routes.

Visit the Guadalupe River Road Alliance website for information on donations and important NBOL meetings and/or visit the TRPA Donations and Membership page and be sure to designate "Guad" or "River Road" or "GRRA" or "NBOL" in the "Message to Seller" block in PayPal Checkout.