Updated: January 27, 2014

The TPWD 2013 Devils River Working Group has adjourned and had its last meeting in December 2013. The group was smaller than the 2011 DRWG but remained comprised of stakeholders - ranchers & landowners, paddlers & anglers, conservation professionals and TNC. TRPA was represented on the 2013 DRWG by President Tom Goynes and board members Marcos Paredes and Richard Grayson.

Information on Devils River SNA is available here:

There was a change in the rules regarding access at Baker's Crossing which was implemented in the fall of 2013. TPWD acquired ROW from TXDOT at the Hwy 163 Bakers Crossing bridge. Originally, it was required that all paddlers were to have secured a DRAP in order to launch at Baker's Crossing. After astute legal research by TRPA legal cousel Joe Riddell, it was then determined by TPWD counsel to have been clearly an illegal requirement.* Now, a DRAP is required only if the paddlers intend to step foot on any TPWD land on river left between Bakers Crossing and Lake Amistad. Users taking out on private property or paddling all the way to Lake Amistad are not required to secure a DRAP.

TPWD-approved Concessioners for Devils River

*Devils River, Bakers Crossing Legal Research Documents (*Download .zip file)

*Index to Bakers Crossing Legal Research Documents (*also included in above download zip file)


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